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Free Financial Apps of the Day

The App Store is littered with amazing programs that will help you maximize your phone’s abilities and daily efficiency… or simply offer another time killing vice to your collection. Some of them cost $.99 and up, but many of the best ones are actually free.  Featured Financial Apps Here are a few Free Financial Apps…
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5 Pillars of IT Consulting in Los Angeles (or anywhere else)

When it comes to IT consulting, there are five important pillars to remember. Keeping in mind the following principles of IT consulting will help to ensure a satisfactory interaction for both consultant and client. They allow the consultant the ability to provide more objective advice, and also help to give the client the confidence to…
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Viruses and other infections are starting to get smarter

I have noticed in my daily infection removal work here at the PC Fixer Los Angeles computer repair headquarters that the infections are getting smarter.  Case in point:  I have noticed that the computers can seem normal, that is until you discover that only their browsers have been hijacked and the rest of the computer…
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Security Innovation at Cornell

Cornell researchers have begun developing a technique that builds security into a computer system from the start. By incorporating security in the language used to write the programs, Myers and Schneider are changing the norm  of defenses only improving after they've been successfully penetrated. The research partners are working on a new computer platform they've…
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Internet Addiction taken SERIOUSLY in China

Approximately 24 million young people in China are addicted to the internet, half of which are specifically “obsessed” with online games. Treatment centers have appeared around the country, ready to treat the problem and ‘cure’ these young people from a terrible, deathly serious affliction. An official from these camps has gone on record to explain…
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Happy 25th, Dotcom!!!

Today, an internet milestone is reached with the 25th anniversary of the day the first dotcom website was registered. Back in March 1985, Symbolics computers in Cambridge, Massachusetts made history with an internet address ending in dotcom. Later that year, another five companies followed suit, effectively setting the very slow trend moving. It wasn't until…
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Exploiting Weakness in RSA Security Technology

Three University of Michigan computer scientists say they have found a way to exploit a weakness in RSA security technology used to protect everything from media players to smartphones and e-commerce servers. RSA authentication is susceptible, they say, to changes in the voltage supply to a private key holder. While guessing the 1,000-plus digits of…
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How To of ‘Aurora’ Attack

Do you have branch offices in China? iSec has published a new report outlining the severity of the attacks on Google.cn, allegedly by the Chinese government, dubbed 'Aurora' attacks. Up to 100 companies were victims, and some are speculating that resistance to such attacks is futile. The report lays out the shape of the attacks…
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NHTSA Has No Engineers to Investigate Toyota

An official from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told investigators that the agency doesn't employ any electrical engineers or software engineers, leaving them woefully unable to investigate correctly what caused the most recent Toyota recall. A modern luxury car has something close to 100 million lines of software code in it, running on 70…
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