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PC Fixer has the IT support Los Angeles homes and businesses need to keep their computers running smoothly.

Large companies have their own dedicated IT departments. They're always available for maintenance and monitoring, and when a computer repair is necessary, they have someone onsite to look after it right away.

Smaller businesses and individual computer users couldn't afford to have a full time person waiting to look after their tech needs -- until now. PC Fixer is the one computer repair company that can look after every computer repair and maintenance task you have, whether you're a student with a laptop or a business with a building full of workers.

No longer will you need to feel that you are on your own, totally at the mercy of uncaring manufacturers and software developers. Our team of experts are ready to provide you with the best computer support services in the greater Los Angeles area.
Wherever you are in the greater metropolitan district, PC Fixer can provide the information technology maintenance you need. From servicing your hardware to maintaining your software, our expert team of technicians waits, ready to rescue you from computer failure of any sort. We will come to your location, or assist you with online remote services.

The Most Common IT Support Los Angeles Consumers Ask For

Because personal and business computer use is so varied, PC Fixer has seen nearly everything during their computer repair duties. Business computer service is especially likely to involve purpose-built computer systems that require very particular setup and monitoring. However, there are some computer repair jobs that turn up at our computer repair shop on a daily basis:

  • Computer maintenance and repair
  • Scanning for malware
  • Computer tuning
  • Training on software programs
  • On-site set up of networks
  • Technical support
  • Hardware repair
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Adware removal
  • Laptop screen repair
  • Macbook repair
  • Office virus removal

Whatever the nature of your IT needs, PC Fixer can address them. We are trained to work with all models of computer hardware, from the most basic smartphones and tablets up to company servers. We are also experts with all the most common brands of software. We can scan your files for virus infections and determine if all your operating systems are in perfect working order. PC Fixer makes it possible to take care of all your hardware and software support needs by using the same friendly team.

PC Fixer has been voted the #1 IT Service in the Los Angeles area. Our computer services are available to home and business users six days a week. We can be at your location to provide onsite assistance, or we can work with you by secure remote Internet connection.

Contact PC Fixer today and get peace of mind for your computer services.

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