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Hollywood computer repairs

Rely on PC Fixer for expert Hollywood computer repairs and maintenance.

PC Fixer has efficiently served the Los Angeles area with integrity for over 8 years, collecting clients as the list of satisfied customers grows. Give us a call and let us  relieve all your computer related stresses.

Office Virus Removal

A virus is a program written solely to cause mischief or damage to a computer system. A mild virus might only be a slight nuisance, easily isolated and removed. However, most viruses do an extensive amount of damage, whether it is to your files, your registry, or even your hardware. Problems with viruses are very common in offices where workers surf the Internet constantly. Let PC Fixer scrub all your network devices and keep your data safe and your computers running at full speed.

Adware, Spyware, and Malware Removal

Spyware, a form of Malware, is computer software that obtains information from a computer without the user's knowledge or consent. This software latches onto your computer and proceeds to secretly gather information about a user while he or she navigates the Internet. This information is normally used for advertising purposes. Spyware can also gather email addresses and even passwords and credit card numbers. If  you suspect spyware on your computer, you should call PC Fixer to have it removed immediately.

Spyware is the most common form of malware, and drastically slows your computer’s performance. PC Fixer specializes in computer repair including virus removal and spyware removal.

Home Networks and Printer Networks

PC Fixer will set up your network in record time. A well-designed computer network lets you share your data between any number of connected devices like your computer, laptop, printer, fax, and scanner. Using a wired or secured encrypted wireless network increased convenience and improves productivity in a home office. Our in-home computer service specialists can also set up full, incremental, and differential backup on any internal, external or online drive.


Hollywood Computer Repairs

Occasionally, computer hardware simply stops working. This can be caused by:

  • Life expectancy of product
  • Misuse or abuse of product
  • Virus or malicious software
  • Ungraded BIOS or other software
  • Lightning strike or utility power surge

No matter why or how it stopped working, PC Fixer can assess the damage, troubleshoot to find out exactly what is damaged, and then replace the damaged parts. Perhaps most importantly, we can set up preventive measures to stop the problem from re-occurring.

No matter what computer support Los Angeles customers need, we're ready to help. Need a hardware upgrade? Need more hard drive space? Is your computer slow due to insufficient RAM? Whatever your needs, PC Fixer can suggest and install the right component to fit your budget.

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