Firewall Installation

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Secure Internet Sharing and Firewall Installations

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PC Fixer will install and maintain your firewall to avoid problems with malware and save you money on adware removal.

Whether your system is residential or business, you want the best in IT security. PC Fixer can provide you with the latest and most effective firewall and anti-virus software that will make constant infections a thing of the past.

From hardware-based solutions to software guardians, we can give your computers the very best protection from intrusion and vulnerabilities. Proper firewall setup can block the vast majority of malware before it ever reaches your computer or network, and the cost is negligible compared to even one adware removal job.

Secure Internet Browsing Begins With a Firewall

If you share data and participate in group activities over the Internet, PC Fixer can devise a secure Internet sharing protocol for you. If you are conducting real-time conferencing while working from multiple locations, you want to be sure that your proprietary data is secure from intrusion. Our experts will  create the perfect system for you, no matter how large or small your work force might be.

To keep your business systems secure from incidental malware infections, PC Fixer can also install the very best in firewall software and hardware to protect your computers. Hardware solutions like routers and gateway devices can protect your computers that are connected to the Internet via modem.

Software firewalls can also be installed on your computers by a PC Fixer expert. This software runs virus protections and malware scans which can reveal any inadvertent infection caused by common Internet searches conducted during the course of daily business. Our firewall solutions will integrate seamlessly with whatever network monitoring setup you currently run.

Avoid the Need for Adware Removal With a Secure Firewall

PC Fixer can provide your home or business network with all the protection you need to avoid the most common forms of malware, rootkits, and adware:

  • Secured Internet sharing protocols
  • Firewall installation
  • Security from unauthorized access
  • Malware sweeps and adware removal
  • Remote monitoring of your security system functions
  • The very best IT Services in Los Angeles

Contact PC Fixer today to speak with a consultant about your needs for system security.

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