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Turn to PC Fixer for all your Culver City computer repairs.

For businesses that don’t have an internal computer support department, PC Fixer is the perfect choice for troubleshooting, configuration, upgrades, network monitoring, and computer repair. We specialize in solving your IT problems  quickly and efficiently. That allows you to concentrate on your business.

Business Computer Service

We are proud to provide Culver City computer repairs to both homes and businesses. We're especially useful to businesses that desire a single point of contact for all their small business IT support. In addition to regular Culver City computer repairs, here are just a few of the many computer repair and maintenance services we offer our business clients in Culver City:

  • Workstation, Printers, Peripherals and Server Repair and Maintenance
  • Complete Data Backup and Restore Solutions
  • Network Repair and Maintenance (internal networks and internet access)
  • Web servers, eMail Servers, FTP Servers and File Server Repair and Maintenance
  • Compliance Verification Services, such as Canada Privacy Law compliance
  • Remote Network Maintenance, Monitoring and Administration
  • Email Virus and Spam Protection
  • Notebook and Laptop Repair and Servicing
  • Upgrades To Any Existing Computer Equipment
  • Onsite Consultations and Network System Analysis
  • Wired and Wireless Home and Business Networking Solutions
  • Exchange Server Setup, Maintenance and Consultation
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery and Lost File Retrieval
  • Firewall and Security Testing and Maintenance
  • Domain Server Configuration and Maintenance
  • Terminal Service and VPN Configuration and Maintenance
  • VPN and Remote Access Integration
  • Network Hardware Installation, Including Cabling and Patch Panels
  • Employee Training for all software and operating systems
  • Computer, Server and Peripheral Ongoing Maintenance
  • Emergency Priority Service Response is available
  • Web Site Maintenance, Monitoring, Statistics and Search Engine Optimization
  • Complete eCommerce Solutions
  • Database Design, Maintenance and Administration

When you partner with PC Fixer, customer service doesn't end when you receive your equipment - it's only the beginning of a long-term relationship. Every computer system or server that PC Fixer repairs includes a comprehensive parts and labor warranty.

Home Computer Repair and Maintenance

For home users who need help immediately, PC Fixer offers comprehensive solutions in Culver City. Our skilled technicians will diagnose and repair all computer and Internet problems on your schedule! Here are just a few of the many computer repair and maintenance services we offer residents of Culver City:

  • Computer Setup and Installation
  • Software and Operating System Problems
  • Hardware Setup and Installation
  • Computer Upgrades, Repair and Maintenance
  • Virus removal, Anti-Virus software
  • Privacy and Security software
  • Popup Blocking
  • Spyware and Adware Removal
  • Hacker Protection
  • Email Spam Protection
  • Home Wired and Wireless Networking
  • Internet and Printer Sharing
  • Digital Camera Installation and Setup
  • Printer Setup, Installation and Maintenance
  • Data Backup and Protection

For all residents of the Los Angeles area, we offer mobile IT and computer repair services.. We can dispatch a technician to your home or office 7 days a week.


Maintenance and Diagnostic Services

Our in-house diagnostic service is well known in the industry for excellent value. Our talented team of technicians will analyze your system for every known computer problem, including remote testing.

  • RAM Memory Hard Disk
  • Analysis of cooling fan quality
  • Cabling Integrity
  • Analysis of Viruses, Spyware, Trojans, Worms
  • Analysis of the integrity of Windows System Files
  • CD or DVD ROM Drive Functionality
  • Video RAM and Video Card Functionality
  • Sound Card Functionality
  • Network Interface Card Functionality
  • Anti Virus, including updates and configuration
  • Service Pack Level for the Operating System Installed

After your original estimate, no additional charges will be made without your authorization.

Network Support

PC Fixer is dedicated to providing superior technical support services with efficiency and integrity. PC Fixer provides complete solutions for business users and home users.
PC Fixer can also remotely connect to your network through a secure Internet connection to diagnose and test your LAN server and PCs.

  • RAM usage level
  • Hard Disk status, free/usage percentage
  • CPU resources usage
  • Applications installed/remove in each machine
  • Antivirus software update
  • DHCP configuration
  • Group computers configuration
  • LAN topological connection
  • We are the network experts in Culver City!

Hard Drive Data Recovery and Lost File Retrieval

If your hard drive has crashed and you’re afraid you've lost all your data, don't worry. PC Fixer is able to recover data 99 percent of the time using our data recovery tools and utilities.We recognize the importance of your data, as businesses today store vital information on their  computer systems. In the event of drive failure, it is critical to be able to retrieve this information.

In the case of home users, family pictures or personal records are kept. PC Fixer has a well-deserved reputation for quality data recovery service. We can recover data from all types of media, including servers, desktops and notebook hard disk drives, Zip disks, and USB and optical media.

  • We can recover data from hard drives that are non-functional
  • We can recover critical files and emails
  • We can recover corrupted and deleted files
  • We can recover lost files

If you suspect your data is damaged or your hard drive is failing, and you do not have a current backup system, there's no time to lose. Turn off your computer immediately to stop more damage from being done, and contact the experts at PC Fixer.

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