Top Ten Programs for A Computer Consultant

Being a computer consultant in Los Angeles can be a challenge.  Having the correct software is crucial to our work.  Here at PC Fixer we are often asked what the best programs are.  And so, after 13 years of software collecting and testing, here are PC Fixer's top ten most useful computer programs;

  1. Spyware Doctor 4.0 - For some reason the newer versions of this program are not as good because they have become so bloated and are more like Norton Antivirus now.
  2. ZoneAlarm Security Suite - The best software firewall is still my by ZoneLabs.  But beware:  do not use this progam on a slow or old computer as it will definitely take it's toll on performance.
  3. Eset NOD32 Antivirus - This lightweight antivirus program protects with the best of them and doesnt slow down the computer.
  4. SuperAntispyware Professional - This program is the newest to the PC Fixer arsenal and has been a very valuable tool for removing malware.
  5. Antispy - This quick little program allows easy registry changes for added computer security and computer performance.
  6. Window Washer - We still use this program almost every time we tune a computer.  This is the best hard drive cleaner in it's class.
  7. Winternals 2005 - Bought out by Microsoft and then shut down, this program is probably the best tool any computer repair technician can own.  With tools such as locksmith and system file repair, you shouldnt be caught without this amazing program.
  8. Winternals ERD Commander - The Crash Analyzer on this program is worth the cost of the softwar alone and yet there are dozens of other usefull tools
  9. Registry Mechanic - clean, optimize and compact the Windows registry.  Excellent tool and the best in it's class
  10. Novosoft Handy Backup - Every computer consultant needs a good backup program.  This is PC Fixer's favorit.

There were dozens more programs that didnt make the top ten cut but are nonetheless extremely valuable.  Visit for more blogs from the Los Angeles computer repair trenches.

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