Sage Software, Timeslips and AccPac

I dont know if any of you other techs out there have had a lot of dealings with Sage.  The fine software company who is responsible for TimeSlips and AccPac.  I was lucky enough to deal with both of of these programs yesterday.  One client, and I have seen this before, was unlucky enough to be sold by a slick Accpac consultant who set everything up for thousands of dollars.  This was years ago.  A new version was released and they paid several more thousand dollars to upgrade.  That was also a few years ago.  Not this unlucky company has been told they need to upgrade because the software version they are using is no longer supported.  The cost for this upgrade?  Over $9,000!

This is where having a good computer consultant from the beginning would have been such a great help.  The problem is that this particular company does not use 95% of all of the features that Accpac offers and now they are virtually stuck with it.  These Sage consultants are doing their customers a huge disservice, one that should be considered a crime, because they are signing their clients up with something they do not need.  At the end of the day though, they have another client who is beholden to them, and to Sage, and that seems to be all they care about.

A good computer consultant should always consider the needs of the client when making decisions that will affect the overall cost of a particular investment in hardware or software in the long term.  For example, PC Fixer has witness other computer companies offering to repair computers at a cost near or equal to the cost of a replacement computer from Dell or another computer manufacturer.  Then the client pays to repair a computer that is probably several years old and thus closer to obsolesence.  This is only one of the bad judgement calls that PC Fixer has seen.

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