PC/Mac Divide is Crossed

According to new research by NPD, more than eight out of ten Mac owners also own a PC.

The survey revealed that 12% of North American households with computers own a Mac. But out of these, 85% also own a Windows PC. This confirms a long standing suspicion that thdivide between Mac and PC users is nowhere near as clear cut as both Apple and Microsoft like to believe.

Apple's most recent advertising campaign, "I'm a Mac," which directly responds to Microsoft's "I'm a PC" ads, is very obviousy based upon this wrong assumption. Poking fun at Windows PC owners and portraying them as middle-aged nerds when compared to the suave, young Mac owner hasn't been as effective as Mac had hoped. Now, the reason is revealed as having been because the company has been targeting the majority of its own customers with derision.

NPD's study also showed that Mac owners are more likely to have multiple computers in their house, as compared to PC owners who tend to stick to their main console. The numbers point to two thirds of Mac owners owning three or more computers, while a comparitively meager 29% of PC owners have two or more. According to Stephen Baker, NPD's vice president of industry analysis, this is because of the correlation between Mac owners and affluence in a household. Courtesy of pcpro.co.uk

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