Google’s Ambition in Chrome OS

For years, Google has been predicting a future of web based applications and open-source operating systems. It seems that in announcing the inevitable arrival of Chrome OS, they are creating that landscape themselves. An open-source operating system for netbooks and other computers, Google could be on to something.

Characterizing Chrome OS as an attempt to redefine the operating system. Google intends to do away with the simple hiccups that users have come to accept: neverending security issues, excessive startup times, and declining performance over time, to name only a few on the ambitious list.

But Chrome OS also aspires to even higher levels, hoping to finally prove that the internet has become the most effective development environment. If, in the process, Microsoft's profits see a sharp dive under the assault of a free open-source operating system that offers immensely more pleasant user experiences and stricter security than Windows, you won't hear anyone at Google complain.

An upcoming Microsoft announcement has been suspected by many, supporting the theory that Chrome OS has been announced simply to dampen the excitement about something new for Windows users. Courtesy of

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