Google Books Sees Another Obstacle

Tuesday, the continuing opposition to Google Books settlement took a turn, as civil rights groups told a federal court that they believe the plan to digitize millions of books will threaten readers’ privacy. These groups include The Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic of the University of California, who claimed in a court brief that reading could cease to be such a positive hobby if Google maintains personal identifying information about what titles the public browses, reads and purchases.

These groups joined a steadily increasing outcry of those opposed to Google’s plan. But despite privacy issues, the bulk of the opposition stems largely from copyright concerns — the money end. Although, Privacy groups have a alid concern that Google could maintain some kind of 'digital dossier' about individuals’ reading habits and interests. Among other things, they're asking that a court order should be required before private reading information is even considered for public consumption.

Meanwhile, Microsoft, Amazon and Yahoo contend that Google’s plan would eventually amount to a monopoly.

But regardless of complaints or where they come from, Google is not making any promises. With this business plan, Google could shore up approximately 37 percent of revenue associated with book sales and advertisements connected to them. Courtesy of

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