Danish Man Tests the Limits of Copyright Laws

In Denmark, it is completely legal to make copies of commercial videos for personal backup or other private purposes. However, it is illegal to break the DRM on any dvd, which completely prevent the copying of any DVD.  They promised him a response, then didn't respond. So now he's reporting himself to the police. He wants a trial, so that the legality of the DRM-breaking law can be tested in court.

Last month, Henrik Anderson informed the Danish anti-piracy outfit Antipiratgruppen that he had broken the DRM on more than one hundred legally-purchased DVD movies and TV shows in the process of ripping his collection to his computer. This act is forbidden, but seemingly also allowed under Danish law, because the anti-piracy group never even responded to Anderson's report.

Torn between the lawmakers in his country and the lawyers who represent the DVD companies, Anderson has decided that reporting himself directly to the police is the only way he'll finally see what this law truly amounts to. Henrik feels that the circumstances he is trying to draw attention to can only be solved by him going to trial. Hopefully then, the Minister for Culture and the Danish parliament will see that the law has to be changed. Courtesy of torrentfreak.com

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