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Digging Your Data Storage Options

If small businesses and individual users have special questions about data storage options, IT consulting services can give them some of the answers they are looking for. Records technology has advanced from paper hard copy to various means of digital storage. But what methods of storage are the best for the specific needs of the user?…
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Danish Man Tests the Limits of Copyright Laws

In Denmark, it is completely legal to make copies of commercial videos for personal backup or other private purposes. However, it is illegal to break the DRM on any dvd, which completely prevent the copying of any DVD.  They promised him a response, then didn't respond. So now he's reporting himself to the police. He…
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Are Pacemakers in Danger of Attack?

Recently, medical manufacturers have started adding wireless capabilities to many implantable medical devices like pacemakers and cardioverter defibrillators. This technology allows doctors to access vital information and send commands to these devices quickly, but security researchers have called attention to concerns about their vulnerability to attack. Researchers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in…
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Intel Sued by New York Attorney General

Andrew Cuomo, New York Attorney General, has recently filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against the microprocessor maker Intel which alleges that the company engaged in a "systematic campaign" of illegal conduct in order to protect a monopoly.The New York lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware on Wednesday, accuses Intel of extracting exclusive agreements from large computer…
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IBM and Canonical Get Competitive

A few weeks back, IBM and Canonical, the head sponsor of Ubuntu Linux, announced a plan to deliver Linux desktops and software to Africa. The effort was originally announced over a year ago, in August of 2008 as the Microsoft-free PC Effort. The basic idea was to have a Linux operating system with IBM smart client applications…
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PC/Mac Divide is Crossed

According to new research by NPD, more than eight out of ten Mac owners also own a PC. The survey revealed that 12% of North American households with computers own a Mac. But out of these, 85% also own a Windows PC. This confirms a long standing suspicion that thdivide between Mac and PC users is nowhere near as…
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Intel Halts Shipments Due To Bug

Yesterday, Intel confirmed that its new consumer-class X25-M and X18-M solid state-disk drives (SSDs) have serious data corruption issues and told the press that it has halted all shipments to resellers. The brand new line of X25-M (2.5-inch) and X18-M (1.8-inch) SSDs were inspired by a joint venture with Micron and utilized that company's 34-nanometer lithography technology. Micron uses a process which allows for a denser,…
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Netbooks Video and Audio speed to Get a boost

Most of today's netbooks on the market run Intel’s Atom processor, which is not powerful enough to handle the high demands of video or audio playback. Terga is betting it can fix that with its latest attempt to join the growing netbook market If you have tried to watch youtube or hulu on a netbook,…
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World’s Fastest Wireless Network Tested by Scientists

"Scientists in Pisa, Italy claim to have set a new world record for the fastest wireless data transmission. They report that they were able to achieve throughput speeds above 1.2 Terabits per second, which they say beats the previous wireless data transmission speed record of 160 Gigabits per second by Korean scientists. The technology that…
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Cisco Catalyst 3550 Series Reprogramming

Today I had the pleasure of working for Creative Environments in Hollywood.  This property management company runs a 48 unit buildiing on Cosmo street in Los Angeles (Hollywood) and supplies a T1 connection to the tennants.  The internet is shared with 2 Cisco 3550 switches hooked up to a Linksys dual wan vpn router.  I…
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